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法國橄欖油馬賽皂 Soap Cube of Marseille Olive 300g
法國橄欖油馬賽皂 Soap Cube of Marseille Olive 300g
法國橄欖油馬賽皂 Soap Cube of Marseille Olive 300g

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法國橄欖油馬賽皂 Soap Cube of Marseille Olive 300g

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Savon de Marseille - 法國橄欖油馬賽皂 300g




採用100%純天然植物油,無棕櫚油,environmental friendly, 可生物降解。更適合家中不同需要。



日常剃毛泡沫: 起泡力強,可用於男仕日常天然剃鬍泡沫或身體脱毛。


去除衣物上污漬: 稍微沾濕皂後在沾有污漬乾衣物輕擦至起泡。讓泡沫停留在衣物上約10分鐘後沖洗,再繼續餘下日常清潔程序。

代替洗衣液: 用60g皂碎混入1L熱水。搖勻後置於陰涼處24小時。搞拌均勻後再加入1L冷水,既環保又不污染環境橄欖油洗衣液即成!每次使用前請搖勻。


This soap contains 72% of olive oil, leaves your skin and your face a natural refreshing touch.

It is 100% of natural origin, based on exclusively vegetable oils, guaranteed without palm oil, without dye, without perfume or preservative.

Marseille soap with olive oil is an ecological, biodegradable and environmentally friendly product. Soft for the skin, its hypoallergenic formulation is highly appreciated by allergic, sensitive or irritated skins and is suitable for the whole family! Used for personal hygiene or as a cleaning product, for laundry or home, Marseille soap is a very economical and traditional effective product that is preserved for a long time.

For hygiene:

  • the soap of Marseille for the toilet of the whole family: It allows to replace the shower gels, the synthetic soaps and even the shampoo! Hypoallergenic, it is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skins (eczema, allergies, etc.).
  • Marseille soap as shaving foam: It foams a lot and can be used as shaving foam for men's beard or as shaving soap for the legs.
  • Marseille soap to soothe the wounds and help heal the abrasions.

For the maintenance of the House:

  • Marseille soap as stain remover: rub dry stain with a block of moistened soap. Spread the foam over the garment, let stand for 10 minutes and then rinse with water.
  • Marseille soap as laundry: Grate Your soap block with a cheese grater. Dilute a handful of the chips obtained (60g) in 1l of hot water. Shake and let it stand 24h. Stir again and add 1l of cold water, your eco-friendly laundry is ready for use! Shake well before each use.
  • Marseille soap as a degreasing cleaner for the walls, floors and surfaces of the house: dilute soap shavings from Marseille in a small amount of hot water. Wash the surfaces of the house, walls or floors with a brush or sponge and rinse with clear water.

Natural Composition certified by ECOCERT

The Union of SOAP professionals in Marseille



Sodium olivaate, sodium cocoate, Aqua (Water), sodium Chloride, sodium Hydroxide



Wet the bar with lukewarm water to form lather. Massage lather into skin using hands. Rinse thoroughly.



To keep your soap last longer, place soap on draining function soap dish to allow soap air-dry between uses.


法國橄欖油馬賽皂 Soap Cube of Marseille Olive 300g