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Store Policy

Customer Care

Contact SOAP BAR if you have any question or ideas that help us improve: hellosoapbar@gmail.com

 Our team will make a reply within 48 hours. 


Everyone's skin is different, carefully study the ingredients list provided, select what suits your skin the best before purchase. 

Stop using products if irritation happens, wash products away with water and seek medical advice when needed. 

Customer with sensitive skin are recommend to test out product with elbow or ear to reduce the chance of skin irritation. 

Products are not to cure any skin problems, it only helps relieve and maintain healthy skin condition. 

SOAP BAR will not responsible for any loss or damage made by product information, usage provided by brands. But we will carefully select brands that match our philosophy, "CLEANSE WITH ART, CLEANSE WITH ENVIRONMENT".

SOAP BAR will not responsible for any loss or damage for misuse of product. 


Privacy & Safety

Customer's details will be collect during the use of SOAP BAR's service and for marketing use only, SOAP BAR will not enclose or sell to third parties.


Wholesale Inquiries

Don't hesitate and contact us through email to know more info or just give us a call!


Payment Methods

All price are listed as Hong Kong Dollar.

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如果您有任何問題或想法可以幫助我們改進,請聯繫SOAP BAR:hellosoapbar@gmail.com











SOAP BAR不會對因其他品牌提供的產品資訊而令顧客在使用上造成的任何損失或損害負責。 但我們會精心挑選符合我們理念的品牌,“CLEANSE WITH ART, CLEANSE WITH ENVIRONMENT"。


SOAP BAR對因濫用產品而造成的任何損失或損害概不負責。



客戶的詳細信息將在使用SOAP BAR服務期間收集,僅供營銷使用,SOAP BAR不會附上或出售給第三方。







PayMe, American Express, Apple Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Shopify Pay, Visa